About Us

Our Institute

Shri. Mahavir Ayurvedic Shodh Sansthan based at Delhi with the main aim of undertaking research work in the field of Classical Ayurvedic Medicine and Treatments for betterment of mankind.

Dr. Radha Kant Vats, B.A.M.S from Kanpur University founded Shri Mahavir Ayurvedic Shodh Sansthan in the Year 1999.


Our Background

Today, modern medical science along with socio-economic education has served the society with astonishing development and health improvement in the year of India, yet the principles and medical principles of ancient Ayurveda show their amazing influence in the treatment of some diseases and in the health protection of healthy people.

In the light of the principles of Ayurveda and the modern science of medical practices, in the preservation of the health of the public, the Sri Samahaveer Ayurvedic Research Institute established many pillars.

On the one hand, the unique medical experience of the traditional group of generations, the Vaidya group, on the other hand, the high-end scientists of modern science also supervised the analysis analysis, as well as the cooperation of yoga experts with knowledge science in public health protection and disease prevention for many decades. Is playing his role.

The diseases which are not able to be destroyed by the most powerful modern medical system, the institute has also cured such incurable, complex and surgical diseases with medicine and diet. Name of combined success of experienced Ayurveda and scientist Srimahaveer Ayurvedic Research Institute