Dr. Radha Kant Vats is Ayurvedic physician and also a saint and devotee of lord Krishna and practical example of Karam Yogi - a saint in this present life and a dedicated physician by profession practicing since 1992 . He is very much dedicated to the Ayurveda and society which is evident from the popularity that he has gained for his social service and also in his professional field. He lives without pleasure of senses. In other words, simple living and high thinking is his motto. Research in Ayurveda and social services are the only occupations in his life. He is not only a good physician but also a good medicine pharmacist, research scholar in various fields of Ayurveda and expert in practical experience in Art of Living, Yoga Mantra Yantra meditaion . He had Specialized and done lot of research work in treating complicated cases of Disk Degeneration; Chronic renal (Kidney)Failure ; Neurological Disorder and Skin problems of Various kinds.Many patients had been benefited from his mediation. Dr Radha Kant Vats has used all his skills in the field of ayurvedic research successfully finding new and more effective treatment of chronic and other complicated diseases, amongst which are a few incurable diseases also.To give relief to hopeless chronic patients Dr Vats established Shri Mahavir Ayurvedic Shodh Sansthan. Our goal is to educate society and patients (extreme cases also ) to have a good health and healthy life style and also self diagnostic skill by homely and purely harmless medication so that they become independent and don't always have to look for doctors for minor ailments or getting themselves tested.


Till today there are no potent or high potencyanalgesics, antibiotics, antipyretic, and antihypertensive medicines in ayurveda.So if an ayurvedic physician wants to treat successfully an emergency case for the above said disease He/she will have to succumb to the modern (allopathic) for immediate result. On the contrary, it is unbelievable but the truth that we never use any modern medicine in any emergency case like hypertension(250/150) skin allergy ,bronchial asthma, kidney failure or even in case of pulse less unrecordable blood pressure patient of heart attack(M.I).If your near or dear one have any medical problem and had tried all the sources then try once the Ayurvedic Treatment from Dr.Radha Kant Vats. Please share your problems in details so that it can be cured very soon with very nominal charges for medicine and certain precautions about food habits.